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Volunteers, parents, and other adults are a valued and essential part of the 4-H program and have a profound impact on the life trajectory of 4-H members. Adult 4-H volunteers are appointed by the county 4-H office after completing the necessary volunteer application steps (see adult volunteer enrollment process). 


Volunteers serve in a variety of roles in a 4-H club: 

Parents and adults helping in the 4-H Youth Development Program are encouraged to be respectful of youth and adult leaders. Although the club's youth members should make the club's decisions, adult leaders should serve as advisors, project leaders, resource providers, and youth coaches. Parents are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in club activities and events. Adults should also support their child’s efforts by providing resources and supplies for projects, encouraging youth leadership, and, if necessary, facilitating the planning process.  Read more in the Adult Guidelines.

Primary Members (also called Cloverbuds)

must be 5 years old by December 31 of the program year. Primary members cannot enroll in large animal projects. Youth enrolling or turning nine after December 31 must participate as a Primary Member until the end of the program year.

Cloverbuds are able to participate in most projects, however certain projects have minimum age requirements.  Additionally, we have a special Cloverbud program that helps serve as an introduction to 4-H.

YOUTH 9 - 18

4-H Members - Must be 9 years old by December 31 of the program year and may continue in the program until the end of the calendar year in which they become 19 years of age.

4-H provides a variety of leadership and public speaking experiences for the youth.  There are many programs available on the county and state level for youth 13 and up.  You can discover more on the county or state website. 

Enrollment Process

​All 4-H youth (ages 5-19) must enroll annually (July 1 through June 30).  We begin enrollment at our first meeting.  We do use an online format for registration, if you would like to join before our first meeting, please fill out the contact form on our about us page.



YOUTH 5 - 8

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